Washer and Dryer

You probably don’t look forward to laundry day too often, but when the day comes, you expect your washer and dryer to perform as usual. Nothing is more frustrating than having a stack of dirty clothes and not being able to wash them in your home. You could spend hours or days trying to fix the washer or dryer yourself but the clothes will just keep piling up in the meantime. The better option usually is to call a washer/dryer repair professional to get your washing machine and dryer running and get clean clothes back in your closet.

Complex Components Make DIY Difficult

Unless you are an expert in washer and dryer repair, it’s probably best that you don’t even attempt to fix your washer or dryer yourself. With so many moving parts, all it takes is one little mistake to cause larger problems. When you finally decide to contact a professional, they may have to spend more time and resources to fix the issue, which is going to cost you more money.

Start With Appliance Champion

Your local washer and dryer repair professional from Appliance Champion is certified to work on any of the major brands of washers and dryers available. This means:

  • No job is too big or too small
  • Your washer and dryer will be running properly in no time
  • The manufacturer warranty won’t be voided

At Appliance Champion, we don’t want you to have to make a trip to the laundromat because of a broken washer or dryer. Give us a call right away and we will have your washer and dryer repaired so you can get back to the laundry in the luxury of your own home!