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Refrigerators could debatably be the favorite appliance because it houses and preserves our food. Granted all of our appliances give us a quality of life that we would not know otherwise, our refrigerators provide us comfort on lazy Saturdays as well as during busy days. Having a fridge has given a level of convenience that many in other centuries would’ve never imagined and that we in Grapevine have become incredibly aware of when our fridge gives out or quits running like it used to.

How to Know If You Need Refrigerator Repair

It’s easy to ignore your fridge until, it seems to not be running quite like it used to. However, if you don’t know anything about appliances and especially refrigerator repair, it’s hard to know when to call for appliance repair in Grapevine and when your fridge could stand some DIY tender love and care. Here are some signs that you may need to call for fridge repair.


If you’ve opened your refrigerator and see droplets of water on the inside of your appliance, you will want to keep an eye on your fridge and possibly call for refrigerator repair. If you notice this extra moisture and that there may be mold or mildew, your seal may need to be replaced. Waiting to have the sealing replaced will most likely result in more mold or mildew issues which are never great for the health of you and your family and the shelf-life of your food will be significantly reduced.

Over-Heated Motor

It is normal for your refrigerator’s motor to be warm to the touch. However, if the motor is hot, then you may need to call a repair specialist. Usually if the motor is overheating, there is something else in your fridge that is not quite functioning as it should be. Waiting to have the issue addressed can result in increasing damage and eventually needing to replace the whole appliance—and possible food spoilage.

Spoiling Food

Though many Americans waste hundreds and hundreds of pounds of food a year due to spoilage, if you feel that your food is spoiling at an increased rate, then your fridge may be needing some major TLC. If foods that are vacuum-sealed and normally have a long shelf life are spoiling at a rapid rate and food seems to be bad before it’s use-by date then you may have a sick fridge on your hands in need of repair.

Icy Freezer

If your fridge’s adjacent freezer is needing defrosting more often than every six months, then your entire unit may need to be repaired. You shouldn’t have to clear your freezer of chunks of ice frequently. If you’re having to de-ice your freezer every year then you’re appliance has not reached an extreme need for repair or replacement, but you may want to consider getting your appliance’s issues resolved soon.

Buzzing Sounds

Has your fridge become increasingly more noisy? Are you wondering what that buzzing sound is? If so, there are a variety of issues that may need to be addressed with refrigerator repair. Your compressor may be worn out, your cooling fan may be dirty, or there may be another issue entirely. Be sure to note the noises your refrigerator makes when you open it and when it is simply running with its door closed. A odd noise is always a sure sign that your fridge needs refrigerator repair!

High-Energy Bill

A spike in the cost of your energy bill could be due to a multitude of issues, but it could also be a sign that your fridge may need some TLC. A refrigerator that isn’t running at it’s best may consume more energy than normal. However, when considering what the issue is with your fridge, you may want to take into account whether you’ve upped your use or your food inventory has increased. If they have not, then you may need to call your local appliance repair specialist in Grapevine.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the ways in which your refrigerator can fail, but it should give you a good idea when your fridge might be telling you that it needs a little TLC.

Refrigerator Repair

As we mentioned above, we’ve all been there when our refrigerator fails and we are left scrambling to keep our food from spoiling. We want you to know that when you need refrigerator repair as soon as possible, you can count on us. When you contact Appliance Campion’s refrigerator repair specialists, there are a few things that you are guaranteed:

  • Your fridge will be working like new
  • You won’t pay a lot of money for repairs
  • Your food won’t spoil
  • Your warranty will be protected

Though there are times in which your appliance will need replacement versus repair, we do all in our power to keep your refrigerator running and running well for years to come. Here are some of the main brands that we service:

Don’t see your appliance brand mentioned? Contact us and ask if we offer appliance repair for your needs!

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Repair Vs. Replace

So, when do you need refrigerator repair and when do you replace your appliance? When our specialists come out to your appointment, part of what we will do is educate you on what is going wrong with your fridge and how the solution will help. We hope that we can repair your fridge. However, there are times when you will need to completely replace your system. Here are some signs that you may indicated that you need a completely new appliance.

Signs For Replacement

Below are some signs that we already discussed above that indicate that your fridge may need repair. However, if these conditions have reached extremes and you are dealing with other issues as well, then it may be best to replace the entire appliance.

  • Excessive condensation
  • Hot motor
  • Spoiling food
  • Icy freezer
  • Noisy fridge
  • Energy inefficiency

Other indicators for the need of replacement include the age of our fridge and the type of fridge you own: if your fridge is over 10 years old and you own a side-by-side fridge you may need to opt for replacement. Most refrigerators will need replacement after ten years and side-by-side style fridges tend to need replacement sooner than others.

Why Choose Appliance Champion?

When you choose to call us over our competitors, we take that seriously, and whenever we perform refrigerator repairs, we hope we won’t be hearing from you anytime soon, not because we don’t like you, but for the reason that we hope the repairs that we make on your appliance will keep your fridge running for a long time after your repair service. We care about our customers and we care about the work that we do. Below are some other reasons to choose our refrigerator repair.

Same-Day Appointments

We at Appliance Champion understand that having a refrigerator that isn’t working is a major inconvenience and can cost you up to a hundred dollars or more in food replacement costs. We do our very best to provide appointments the same day that you contact us so that you can have your fridge up and running in no time.

Insured, Bonded, Vetted

We have all heard the horror stories of unsavory contractors. However, when you call Appliance Champion for refrigerator repair, you can have peace of mind. All of our contractors are background checked, drug-tested, and factory certified. Also, Appliance Champion is bonded and insured so that you and our contractors are protected just in case something would go wrong.


In all that we do, we have your needs in mind. We have set a high standards for all who wear our refrigerator repair contractors uniform. We see ourselves as helping our fellow neighbors in the Grapevine community; we don’t simply fix your appliance and leave. We educate you on not only the fixes we performed, but also how to keep your fridge running well for years to come.

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We hope that your fridge is running well, keeping your food cool and ready to eat. However, if you need refrigerator repair, we are just a call away. Contact us today to receive fridge repair that you can rely on. To learn more about Appliance Champion, the services we provide to our Grapevine clients, and current coupons, visit our website.

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