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We’ve all been there. We come home exhausted, pull our favorite microwave meal out of the freezer, and throw it in the microwave, only to have the microwave stare right back at us unable to cook our well-deserved meal. Or maybe you’ve been using your washer and suddenly it stops working and an indecipherable error code crawls across the display. Regardless what appliance has stopped working, we all have been there and understand the frustration and inconvenience of a broken appliance.

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How to Know If You Need Appliance Repair

Everyone knows that eventually they will have to repair or replace their appliance in their Grapevine home. It’s simply the way things work. However, we hope to stave off repair and replacement for as long as possible. Here are some basic signs indicating that your appliance may be failing and you need to call your appliance repair specialist.

Not Running Like It Used To

Even if you don’t have any mechanical knowledge or know how an appliance works, you will still probably notice when something doesn’t sound, smell, or run quite like it used to. If you notice your appliance isn’t running at its best, you may need to consider calling an appliance repair specialist.

Error Codes

If your appliance is showing an error code or has a light showing that your appliance needs care, you may need to consider calling your appliance repair specialist. Some owner’s manuals can shed light on what error codes and blinking lights mean and can actually give a quick fix that you can perform yourself. If your owner’s manual leaves you with more questions than answers, call us!

Odd Smells

Sometimes your appliance might be telling you that it needs some much needed TLC if, while it is running, you smell something odd. Though a weird smell doesn’t always mean something is amiss, for some appliances, if you do begin to smell something that you’ve never smelled before, you may want to think about calling your Grapevine appliance repair specialist.

Weird Noises

Is your appliance making odd noises while it’s running? There can be a variety of things that cause your appliance to make noises: a zipper knocking the sides of your washer or dyer; your microwave turntable falling off it’s tracks; or food stuck to your range heating element. However, there are noises—which you most likely will be able to identify easily—which are tell-tale signs that not all is well with your appliance.

Appliance Repair We Offer

Appliance Champion offers a variety of appliance repair services to residents in the Grapevine area. We can repair a variety of name-brand products, and when we arrive at your home, will do our best to educate you on not only what the problem is, but how to care for your appliance. Here are the main services we offer:

Washer & Dryer Repair | Refrigerator Repair | Microwave Repair | Dishwasher Repair | Range/Stove Repair | Range/Stove Repair

Washer & Dryer Repair

We are so thankful that we don’t have to grab a washboard and head down to the nearest river here in Grapevine and apply an unsightly amount of elbow grease to wash our clothes. Most of us forget about the convenience that our washer and dryer provide until they go out. We understand how frustrating it can be to have piles of dirty laundry and an unreliable washer or dryer. We at Appliance Champion will do our very best to be at your home the day that your washer or dryer decides to quit working. Here are some of the name brands that we service:

Bosch ElectroluxFrigidaireGEKenmoreLGMagtagSamsungSpeed QueenWhirlpool

Refrigerator Repair

Having a refrigerator that isn’t keeping your food cool like it used to or has died completely is a major inconvenience whether you buy your food in bulk, you have a large family, or you visit the grocery store daily and you’re meal prepping for one. Replacing food is not only incredibly expensive, but can also be a time-consuming process. For this reason, we offer same-day refrigerator repair for these name brands:

Whirlpool GEWolf Kitchen-AidLGMaytagSamsung SubzeroThermadorVikingDacorBoschElectroluxFrigidaireKenmore

Microwave Repair

The microwave has become an integral part of the way we eat. Not only is it the means for eating quick and convenient meals, but it allows us so many other ways to make a meal for ourselves and our families. The microwave is an appliance that is easy to forget how much we appreciate, until it quits working. Though there are some appliances that you can fix DIY-style, microwave repair isn’t one of them. Call us immediately instead! Here are some of the name brand microwaves that we can repair:

WolfKitchen-AidLG MaytagSamsungThermadorVikingWhirlpoolThermadorWhirlpoolBoschDacorElectroluxFrigidaireGE Kenmore

Dishwasher Repair

Not having to wash every dish by hand is such a blessing, especially when you can put nearly every dish in the dishwasher. Who wants to hand wash every dish, especially after a crowded dinner party? We dearly love our dishwashers and definitely feel it when they aren’t working their best or decide they’ve had enough and quite working all together. We at Appliance Champion understand how much our dishwashers contribute to our households staying organized and clean. For this reason, we do our very best to offer dishwasher repair appointments the same day as you call. Below are the brands of dishwashers that we service. If your dishwasher is on the fritz, call us today!

Kitchen-AidLGMaytagSamsungThermadorViking WhirlpoolBoschDacorElectroluxFrigidaireGEKenmore

Range/Stove Repair

It’s hard to find a way around a broken range and those who make easy mac up to the amateur chefs understand that without a working range you are essentially working in the kitchen with a broken arm. Though you may be handy, fixing a range top is incredibly difficult. We highly suggest you call us right away the next time your range isn’t working. Here are the name brand ranges that we can service:


Don’t see your appliance or brand mentioned? Contact us and ask if we offer appliance repair for your needs!

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Why Choose Appliance Champion?

We at Appliance Champion understand that you don’t have to call us. You could contact another contractor that offers appliance repair. However, we hope you’ll choose us; we think you will be glad you did and here’s why:

Same-Day Appointments

We feel that there is much that sets us apart from the competition, and this one of the most important aspects. We at Appliance Champion understand that when an appliance stops running like it used to or has given up the ghost entirely, that you need help right away. We do our very best to have a contractor at your home the day that you need us.

Insured, Bonded, Vetted

Inviting a stranger into your home can be anxiety-inducing, and we’ve all heard the horror stories about unsavory contractors. However, when you call Appliance Champion for appliance repair in Grapevine, you can have peace of mind. We can assure you that all those wearing the Appliance Champion uniform and badge can be trusted. Our contractors undergo background-testing, drug-tested, and are factory-certified. Appliance Champion is insured and bonded so if something goes wrong at your appointment, we have all the proper legal and insurance accommodations in place to protect you and us.


We have set a high standard for those that we allow to wear the Appliance Champion badge: they must be upstanding citizens of our Grapevine community who know what they are doing. In all that we do, our goal is to build trust with our customers. We don’t want to simply fix your appliance and leave. We strive to educate you as well, so that you can get the most out of your appliances and avoid frequent problems and having to replace your appliance prematurely.

Contact Your Top Rated Local® Appliance Repair Specialist

We hope that your appliances are working just fine so you won’t need to call us, but we will be here when you need appliance repair in Grapevine that you can count on. In all that we do, we aim to please our customers and provide them with services that they can trust. To learn more about Appliance Champion, the services we provide to our Grapevine clients, and current coupons, visit our website.

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