A broken or failing appliance can be a complete and total disruption to your day. Not only are you without an appliance, but also you have one more thing to take care of and pay for. Getting it fixed right away is a must!  

What’s Better Than $25 Off?

Unbeatable 5 Star Performance

When you were looking for an appliance for your North Richland Hills home, you probably weren’t looking for the one that was mediocre or the one that kind of did a good job, but left a mess on the floor when you ran it. When you were shopping for a washer, you were looking for one that was energy-efficient and one that cleaned your clothes completely — and didn’t ruin them. You also probably picked the refrigerator that ran all the time — no matter what day it was. You were looking for quality and when you are in need of appliance repair you should expect nothing less but the same quality. An appliance is an investment and the appliance repair that you recieve should support your investment.

We at Appliance Champion strive to give our neighbors in North Richland Hills the best service possible and to be the appliance repair specialists that you can count on, no matter what. There are a few things that set us apart. Keep reading to learn more about Appliance Champion and what you can expect from us.

Locally-Owned Appliance Repair

We take great pride in serving our neighbors.

We are your neighbors. We live in the same neighborhoods. Our kids go to the same schools, and we shop at the same grocery stores. We aren’t just one more faceless corporation that is “here to help,” but in true, is here just to help themselves. We care about our neighbors in North Richland Hills and know what it feels like to not have a working washer and to have piles of dirty laundry. We know what it is like to have just gone to the grocery store and to come home to a refrigerator that has completely quit. As we would help our own family and friends, we do our best to serve you.

Friendly, Same-Day Service

When you appliance quits, you need service today.

Because we get the inconvenience of a broken washer, dryer, refrigerator, range, microwave, and dishwasher, we understand that you don’t need service two weeks from now — you need to get your fridge up and running again or your washer working like new, as soon as possible. At Appliance Champion, we do our best to make this inconvenient episode of an appliance issue last for the least amount of time as possible. For this reason, you can expect same-day service.