Should I Just Fix It Myself?

It’s easy to want to just take things into your own hands when your appliance isn’t working like it should. If you have DIY-ed most of your home maintenance then why not try to fix your washer? Why not take your tools to your range that isn’t heating up properly? However, appliance repairs and maintenance should be left to the professionals and here’s why:

  • DIY repairs void your appliance’s warranty
  • Quick fixes may not address the root issue
  • Your inexperience could hurt yourself and your family
  • You might damage the appliance beyond repair

When you lack the right tools, experience, and parts, it is hard to get appliance repair right.

Why Choose Appliance Champion?

Appliance Champion is Saginaw’s Top Rated Local® appliance repair provider. We offer unbeatable customer service at competitive prices and can often get your appliance up and running the same day that you call us.

Should I Repair or Replace?

Calling for appliance repair can seem like a hassle, especially if this isn’t the first service call that your appliance has needed. However, throwing your appliance out for something brand new might be the most expensive option. Before you decide to toss your appliance to the curb, call Appliance Champion! We can help you decide if it’s more worthwhile and more affordable to replace or repair. Factors that can determine whether you should repair or replace include:  

  • Appliance’s age
  • Root of the problem
  • Cost to repair
  • Effort to maintain
  • Energy efficiency

Want to Learn More?

Want to know more about your appliance? Check out our frequently asked questions and read our blog!