Appliance Repair Watauga, TX

Is your LG washer making funny noises? Has your Bosch microwave completely stopped working? You may have looked up washer repair DIY videos titled like “How to Fix My Washer In 7 Easy Steps.” Stop! It’s time to call your appliance repair professional, Appliance Champion!

When Should I DIY Repairs?

If you are considering DIY-ing your washer or other appliance, we applaud you, but appliance repair isn’t the time to try to do it yourself and here’s why:

  • Voids your appliance’s warranty
  • You may miss the root of the issue and create a bigger more costly repair
  • You may hurt yourself or your family

Fixing an appliance correctly takes experience, factory parts, and the right tools. If you don’t know what you’re doing you may end up hurting yourself, your family, or your appliance — water and electricity never mix well in the hands of the inexperienced handyman or handywoman!  

Why Call Your Local Appliance Repair Provider?

We understand that if your budget is tight that it is tempting to want to fix your appliance on your own, but calling your local appliance repair provider can actually save you money. How?

  • We offer a $25 repair
  • We keep your warranty intact
  • We can fix your appliance the day that you call
  • We give you maintenance tips that can help you avoid further issues down the road

Each time one of our appliance repair techs come to your home, we not only fix the issue, but we take the time to explain the problem, the fix, and how you can care for your appliance. We understand how reliant we in Watauga are on our appliances — we want to help you get the most convenience from your appliance!



Repair Versus Replace

So, when do you repair or replace your appliance? It can seem easier to just throw the whole thing out and start over. However, sometimes a simple fix can get your appliance back on track, working like new — saving you hundreds of dollars! The best way to determine whether you should repair or replace is to call us. We can give you good, better, and best options for getting the most out of your current appliance.

Determining Factors

When we look at your appliance, we will take these factors into consideration:

  • Appliance’s age
  • Root of the problem
  • Cost to repair
  • Effort to maintain
  • Energy efficiency

If you have questions about Appliance Champion or your appliance, be sure to check out our frequently asked questions and read our blog for practical and interesting information. Have more specific questions, call us! We would love to help you get the answers you need and ultimately, a working appliance.  

Want to Learn More?

Want to learn more about appliance maintenance and other interesting topics? Read our blog! We post regularly with appliance care tips as well as other related topics. Check out recent blog posts or search our archives!