Broken fridge? Dryer that won’t start? Range that takes way too long to heat up? Any issue with an appliance that you rely heavily on is frustrating and can completely throw off your day. Getting your appliance fixed as soon as possible is an absolute must.  

What’s Better Than $25 Off?

Unbeatable 5 Star Performance

When your appliance quits working, you need someone that you can rely on to fix your appliance completely and with the right parts. You need someone who truly cares about you. In all that we do at Appliance Champion, exceeding your expectations is our priority. We hope to do that through not only our customer service attitude and the time we take to explain the issue to you and the on-going maintenance needed, but also through the quality of the service we provide. When you call one of our appliance repair techs, you can always expect:

Locally-Owned Appliance Repair

We and our families live in the same Westlake neighborhoods, shop in the same grocery stores, and go to the same schools. We understand what you need and have experienced the same frustration of an appliance that is on the fritz or has stopped working entirely. We aren’t just one more face-less corporation who has expanded into Westlake. We truly are a locally-owned company that intends to provide reliable, unbeatable appliance repair service that exceeds your expectations in every way.

Friendly, Same-Day Service

Not having access to a washer or having a fridge that has completely quit is something that needs to be addressed today, and not two weeks from now. We have appliances for a reason and not having access to the convenience they provide is, well,  inconvenient and disruptive to our schedules. For these reasons, we do our best to provide same-day service every time that you have an issue with your appliance. Receiving quick service doesn’t mean that it is any less professional or effective. Because of our close relationship with brand-name manufacturers, we have access to factory-quality parts that are specific to your appliance. Same-day service that gets your applinance back on its feet is what we can provide every time.