1. 5 Reasons You Need to Have Your Appliances Ready For the Holidays

    As you are preparing for house guests or even just the holidays with your close family, it can be easy to overlook your stove that hasn’t been working right for awhile or those bangs and clanks your fridge makes when it turns on or off. However, if you don’t call for appliance repairs, you may regret it on Christmas Day when your oven won’t turn on or your dishwasher leaks all over the floor…Read More

  2. 8 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For the Holidays

    The holidays are here to stay here in Dallas and it’s time to start preparing for house guests and celebrating the holidays in your home. Even though getting your home ready for the holidays, especially if your mother-in-law is a bit judgemental, can be overwhelming, you can be ready to receive guests and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year easily; today, on the Appliance Champion blog…Read More

  3. 5 Reasons to Thank Your Kitchen This Thanksgiving

    Welcome back to the Appliance Champion blog! With the holiday season in full swing and Thanksgiving around the corner, we all have a lot on our plates — see what we did there? There is no end to the to-do list: from extra trips to the grocery store, cleaning, decorating, helping your kids with their Thanksgiving homework projects, and the myriad of other things that you need to do, it may feel l…Read More

  4. What You Can Expect at Your Next Appliance Repair Appointment

    Welcome back to Appliance Champion! We are your Top Rated Local® appliance repair company for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We serve Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, Bedford, North Richland Hills, Arlington, and Saginaw with unbeatable repair services that are customer-focused and provide peace of mind. However, what do these claims actually mean for your next appliance repair appointment…Read More

  5. What is My Appliance Warranty?

    Welcome back to the Appliance Champion blog! In our last blog post, we began talking about your appliance warranty. In short, the warranty for your appliance determines who pays for repairs. DIY-ing your own repairs or having a non-certified technician work on your appliance can void your warranty, causing you to lose money and time. Today, we are going to tell you a little bit more about your app…Read More

  6. What You Need to Know About Your Appliance Warranty

    Welcome back to the Appliance Champion blog! If you’ve taken a look around our website, you may have noticed us mentioning your appliance warranty and how attempting to have your appliance fixed by anyone else than a professional factory-certified tech will void your warranty. You may be wondering what your appliance warranty actually means. Today, we are going to cover everything that you need …Read More

  7. 6 Ways That the Dallas-Fort Worth Heat Is Harming Your Appliances

    There are many things that the Dallas-Fort Worth area isn’t short on. One of those is hot summer days. We enjoy 90 plus degree days consistently. Even though the heat can be delightful for pool days, it can wreak havoc on our appliances. Increase Moisture Though in Southlake, we don’t experience as much humidity as other places in the country, there can be an increase in humid during the summe…Read More

  8. Repair or Replace?

    Appliances have been providing homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area convenience and giving us back hours of our day. No longer do we have to trek all the way down to the river to wash our clothing. Instead of cooking around a campfire we can enjoy delicious food in a matter of minutes using our microwave. Modern appliances allow us to live our lives comfortably, offering us the ability to mult…Read More

  9. Kitchen Appliance History: An Evolution

    Hello and welcome back to the Appliance Champion blog! If you missed it, we recently joined forces with one of the area’s best appliance companies, Marathon Appliance. Marathon Appliance like Appliance Champion has been serving the Dallas-Fort-Worth area with unbeatable appliance repair service. Because they uphold the same values that we do, we are excited to merge with them and to dominate the…Read More

  10. Two of the Area’s Best Appliance Companies Join Forces

    Hello and welcome back to the Appliance Champion blog! Today, we are very excited to announce that we recently merged with another local appliance repair company, Marathon Appliance! Keep reading to learn more about this exciting announcement and visit our website to learn more about our services and to make a same-day appointment to get your appliances repaired today! Who is Marathon Appliance? A…Read More