1. When Do I Need Dryer Repair?

    One of the best things about living in the twenty-first century is having the ability to have results right away and one of the main ways that we get this convenience is through our appliances. Our dryers give us the ability to have warm, clean clothes no matter how long ago we did laundry. It allows us to shrink those clothes that are a little too big or to return those clothing items that have s…Read More

  2. When Do I Need Refrigerator Repair?

    If there was any appliance that we would never want to do without, it is our refrigerator. Ultimate convenience is being able to get whatever we want — or whatever we put in our fridge — and eat it whenever we want. Having fresh food to eat is a modern-day luxury that we hope we never have to live without here in Keller, Texas. With this in mind, we dread the thought of our refrigerator not wo…Read More

  3. When Do I Need Dishwasher Repair?

    If you are a new homeowner or haven’t really given your dishwasher much regard in the past, it can be difficult to know when your dishwasher may need some TLC. Not all dishwashers are alike. However, there are some general signs that all dishwashers show when they desperately need repair. Keep reading to learn about seven signs that may show that your dishwasher needs some professional care, or …Read More

  4. Qualities You Should Look For in a Appliance Repair Company

    Buying an appliance is a big investment no matter if you are buying a new microwave or a brand new washer and dryer set and when something goes wrong, it is easy to feel disheartened and uneasy about putting your investment in someone else’s hands. It’s not just putting your investment in someone else's hands; you are also putting your home’s and family’s safety in their hands as well. Whe…Read More

  5. Why Choose Us?

    Welcome to Appliance Champion’s blog! If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you would have read our series about fixes for your washer that you could implement before calling for appliance repair. We also briefly covered the main services that we provide. However, we haven’t covered why to call us—why to trust us above all the other providers of appliance repair in the Grapevine and sur…Read More

  6. Appliance Champion: What We Can Do For Dallas

    Who is Appliance Champion? If you’ve never heard of us, let us introduce ourselves. We offer appliance repair to Grapevine, Southlake, Keller, and the Dallas area. Basically, we help you get on with your life when one of your appliances decides to quit working. We understand how inconvenient it can be to be without your appliance—they are the definition of convenience—and so, we do all that …Read More

  7. What’s Wrong with My Washer? – Part 7

    Welcome back to Appliance Champion’s blog! Lately, we have been covering common problems that many of us run into with our washer. Our washers are a modern convenience that many of us probably would never want to do without. Who would want to go back before the age of modern appliances? Instead of throwing our dirty clothes in our washer and returning an hour later to clean clothes, you would ha…Read More

  8. What’s Wrong with My Washer? – Part 6

    Welcome back to Appliance Champion’s blog! If you’re new to our site, thanks for stopping by. Lately, we have been discussing various issues that you may be facing with your washing machine and giving you possible solutions that can get your machine up and running before you have to call a washing machine repair specialist in Keller. Here is what we have covered in our blog series so far: My W…Read More

  9. What’s Wrong with My Washer? – Part 5

    Hello and welcome back to Appliance Champion’s blog! Lately, we have been discussing what to do when our Southlake washing machines start acting up. In part one of our blog series, we discussed what to do if your washer is off balance. In part two, we gave you possible solutions for a leaky washer. In parts three and four, we gave you clues as to what the odd noises your washer is making might m…Read More

  10. What’s Wrong with My Washer? – Part 4

    Welcome back to Appliance Champion’s blog! Today, we are continuing to discuss what could be wrong with your washer if it’s making odd noises. Though it is absolutely natural for your washer to make noise, there are some noises that can tell you that your washer needs a repair or maintenance. To read the first part of this discussion, click here, otherwise continue reading below.   My Washer …Read More