Welcome back to Appliance Champion! We are your Top Rated Local® appliance repair company for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We serve Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, Bedford, North Richland Hills, Arlington, and Saginaw with unbeatable repair services that are customer-focused and provide peace of mind. However, what do these claims actually mean for your next appliance repair appointment? Keep reading to learn more about the expectations you can have when you work with Appliance Champion.

We Will Be There On Time

This may seem like a no-brainer, but often, and as you have probably experienced with other service companies, it is anyone’s guess when they will arrive at your home. Keeping you guessing affects your schedule and can add unnecessary stress to your day. Other appliance repair companies may not have any qualms about operating this way. However, the pros at Appliance Champion believe there is a better way. When you set an appointment with us, you can expect as us to arrive when we say we will and, if we are running late, we will let you know.

We Want to Help You

We don’t just fix your appliance and leave. Our appliance repair techs wish to build trust with you, by taking the time to explain the issue that is causing your appliance not to function at it’s best. Additionally, we discuss the fix and, after we’ve completed the necessary repairs, we will give you maintenance tips to keep your appliance running for years to come. By providing all this information, we feel that we are truly providing the service our customers deserve.

Your Appliance Warranty Will Be Safe

Though we have respect for those who wish to take on the challenge and DIY their appliance repair, we strongly encourage you to call the pros instead. Why? Your appliance warranty will no longer be valid if a non-certified person tries their hand at fixing your appliance. This means, all repair costs will come out of your pocket: when you DIY your repairs you lose time and money. However, when you call Appliance Champion’s factory-certified techs, you can trust that your warranty will remain intact.

We Will Use Factory-Quality Parts

When you call us, you can also have peace of mind knowing that your appliance will never be “jerry-rigged.” We always have the factory-quality parts to fix your appliance and usually we have access to the parts needed to fix your appliance the day that we need them so you can have your appliance running like new as soon as possible.

Your Space Will Be Respected

Unlike some repair companies, we also respect your home. We understand that you have invited us into your space and we don’t take that lightly; it can be nerve-wracking inviting a stranger into your home. Whenever you call Appliance Champion, you can rest assured that we will leave the area in which the repairs took place, cleaner than we found it.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should call Appliance Champion the next time your washer breaks or your dishwasher is on the fritz. We value our customers and do our best to take care of your needs everytime you entrust us with your appliance. To learn more about our services offered in Saginaw and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, visit our website.