There are many things that the Dallas-Fort Worth area isn’t short on. One of those is hot summer days. We enjoy 90 plus degree days consistently. Even though the heat can be delightful for pool days, it can wreak havoc on our appliances.

Increase Moisture

Though in Southlake, we don’t experience as much humidity as other places in the country, there can be an increase in humid during the summer. The combination of heat and humidity can cause our appliances’ performance to decrease fast. Not only can humidity increase the chances for corrosion, but also electric shock. Using a dehumidifier can be beneficial if your home tends to accumulate more humidity during the summer.  

Microbe Build-Up

Spring and summer bring the blooming of all kinds of foliage. It is always a welcome sight to see flowers around the DWF area, but the extra pollen, dust, and allergens can put wear and tear on your appliances. If you don’t clean or replace your filters regularly, these particles can cause damage to the inner parts of your appliance. These microbes can also contribute to an increased risk for corrosion.  

Condensation Leaking

Just as the rise in temperatures make us sweat, so does the heat cause our appliances to produce extra condensation. The increase in moisture can cause electrical shortages as well as mold and mildew growth. How do you know that your appliance is “sweaty”? Some appliances affected by the heat will form a puddle around their base. Decreasing the temperatures in your home can keep your appliances from overheating and producing excess condensation.

High Surface Temperatures

The increased heat of the sun can put more wear and tear on appliances during the summer, especially those that are located in direct sunlight. Though the metal covering your appliance is most likely unaffected by the heat, the parts inside your appliance may still be damaged. If possible, protect your appliances by moving them out of direct sunlight, installing shades, or solar screens.  

Greater Energy Use

Appliances such as your fridge and freezer will use more energy due to the increased temperatures of summer. Though these appliances are built to withstand environmental stressors, it will put extra wear and tear on them. Also, appliances that have to run harder will cause your energy bill to increase. If possible, move appliances out of places like your garage and other areas of your home that tend to experience higher summer temperatures.

Potential Power Outages

Hot temperatures can also mean power outages. When appliances use more energy, the chances for short circuiting will increase. Even though the likelihood of harm being done to your appliance is slim, if a short circuit occurs, you may come home to a fridge full of rotten food or a washer or dryer of mildewing clothes.  

Running your air conditioning or efficiently using fans can definitely alleviate the issues that heat can pose on your appliances. However, to make sure that your appliances haven’t felt the brunt of the effects of summer heat, call your local appliance repair specialist in Southlake — Appliance Champion! We can make sure your appliances are running their best and educate you on how to care for your specific appliances no matter what season it is. Visit our website and call us today!