A new year is an exciting time to think about what you enjoyed about the last year and those things that you want for the new year: to think about what worked in the past and what wasn’t as effective. Many homeowners in Watauga and the Dallas-Fort Worth area consider starting a kitchen remodel with the start of the new year. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen this year, there are a few things that you need to consider when thinking about keeping or replacing your appliances.

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5 Factors to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Often the question when thinking about remodeling a kitchen is “should I repair or replace my appliances?” It can be easy to assume that the best option is to replace them all, but if you are operating on a budget and may not be able to replace them, this is a viable question. Today, we will consider those factors that can ultimately help you make this decision.

Consider Space

It’s important to consider space. During a kitchen remodel, you have the option to think about how to better utilize your space and optimize your kitchen for the most efficient kitchen work triangle. With advances in technology, the shape and size of kitchen appliances have changed, some shrinking, some increasing in size. As you think about the space in your kitchen ask these questions:

  • What would I benefit from the most — for example, more counter space or a bigger fridge?
  • Is the size of my appliance standard for the same type of modern appliances
  • If I have to replace my appliance within a few years, will it fit within the remodeled space?

Modern Design

You also need to consider the modern design of appliances and how they are placed within the kitchen. For example, many are installing their microwave within a drawer. Some like to use a cabinet front for their fridge. It’s important to consider the look that you want and how your old or new appliances may be able to help you accomplish your desire design. Questions to ask when you are deciding on design include:

  • Can my current appliances fit into the desired design?
  • Can my current appliances integrate into current installation methods?
  • How do my current appliances serve my needs and how could a new design better serve me?

Energy Efficiency

Another major aspect to consider is the energy efficiency of your appliances. Many newer appliances are made to more efficiently use and conserve energy, and ultimately, save you money on your energy bill. How efficient are your current appliances? Could updating your kitchen appliances save you money? If you invest in more energy efficient appliances, you could get a greater return on the investment of your kitchen remodel, but it may be more cost-effective to keep your current appliances so you can invest in other areas of your remodel. Think about these questions:

  • What would benefit me the most — investing in new appliances that are more energy efficient or keeping the ones I have?
  • How does replacing appliances fit into my budget and what I want for my remodel ROI?

Gas Versus Electric

It’s also important to consider gas appliances versus electric; during a kitchen remodel it can be beneficial to think about if you would like to convert over gas or electric. Many home chefs prefer to cook with gas. However, electric appliances provide many advantages and tend to be the more popular option. As you consider this aspect of your kitchen remodel, it is important to think about the implications on the rest of your house: if you convert to gas, for example, you many want to convert other appliances and elements (water heater, dryer, and furnace to gas).

  • How would this benefit you financially?
  • Do you desire a change?
  • Could converting over mean a bigger return if you decide to sell?

Ranges, Oven, & Cooktops

Another aspect to consider is the range, oven, and cooktop debate. Homeowners remodeling in 2019 have many options to consider — which means that you can have a kitchen that truly works with your kitchen cooking style and needs. Homeowners will need to choose from options regarding their stove/cooktop, oven, and range. Not only will you have to think about options such as a cooktop with traditional electric burners versus a ceramic top, but also new options such as steam oven which serious home bakers and chefs, and even foodies are opting to install.

  • What appliance configuration suits my needs the best?
  • What will provide the highest ROI on the investment of a new configuration?
  • Will I actually use these appliances and is the investment worth it for my home?

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