Christmas is finally here and with it fun and festivities that we only get to enjoy once a year: deck the halls with loved ones, drink homemade eggnog, and eat holiday goodies while enjoying twinkle lights. It’s a magical time of year and it can feel like the best time of year due to the ambiance and time with family. However, it is quite possible that your Christmas could become less like It’s a Wonderful Life and more like Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation.

To avoid an impending disaster, it’s always best to make sure that all of your appliances are in working order before the holidays. Today, on the Appliance Champion blog, we are going to talk about some possible disasters that can happen around the holidays. Be sure to call your Top Rated Local® appliance repair provider that you can count on in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Visit our website to set up your same-day appointment!

Christmas Appliance Disasters to Avoid

It’s easy to get busy decorating the house, buying presents for all of your family members, and cleaning the rest of your home, but if you forget about your appliances’ maintenance, you could have a disaster on your hands.  

Your Fridge Going Out

The fridge is one of the best inventions of the modern age. Not only does it allow you to have food readily available all the time, it allows you to always have fresh food in your home. It really is an amazing feat of convenience. However, sometimes our fridges can turn on us when we least expect it. Your fridge could begin to make a loud clunking noise, may begin to leak fluid, or run noisily. If your refrigerator is starting to sound like a train engine with a cold, it needs some TLC from your local refrigerator repair specialist at Appliance Champion. All of these signs can point to bigger problems that could occur around the corner. Heed the warnings so you don’t come home to a spoiled Christmas dinner and a fridge that has given up the ghost.  

A Useless Microwave

The implications of a broken microwave isn’t as major as a fridge. However, for anyone preparing for a feast of that big Christmas party, a useless microwave can spell disaster and an anxiety attack. The microwave was born out of an accident — and what a great accident that was. No longer do we have to waste time and energy sweating over a hot stove or heating up a blazing hot oven in the summer; we can have food ready to eat almost instantly. It can be easy to just keep using a microwave that doesn’t seem to be acting like itself, but we strongly warn against this. Not only is it dangerous, but the panic that a broken microwave can bring can spoil the Christmas spirit and cause Christmas dinner to be quite delayed. Don’t wait, get your wiley microwave fixed now!  

Overflowing Washing Machine

With the invention of a washing machine came the convenience of no longer having to make a trip down to the river with a washboard. It also gave us the option to have more clothing and to do last minute loads of laundry in the name of looking our best for the relatives. However, if the washing machine goes out, it could mean opting for last year’s outfit. Washing machines are made to be incredibly reliable, but if you don’t give them the TLC they need, they can seemingly betray your trust and fail you at the most inconvenient time — Christmastime. If your washer is making an odd noise or doesn’t seem to be draining completely, get your washer fixed right away!

A Leaky Dishwasher

Let’s face it, the holidays are about eating good food and enjoying yummy holiday drinks. What makes having a large family and eating multiple meals together possible is a dishwasher. Gone are the days of standing over a sink, back and feet aching, washing dish after dish. However, no dishwasher, no matter what brand it is, is completely invincible. Often times dishwashers can become leaky or stop working all together. We would hate for you to have to clean up a lake of water after your dishwasher failed to run or to have to spend time away from family, washing the last meals dishes. If you don’t think your dishwasher is running like it used to, call your local dishwasher repair provider today!  

We at Appliance Champion are excited for the holidays and to spend time with our families. We wish you a wonder time! If you think your appliances might be in danger of a disaster, don’t delay! Call us for same-day, certified service.