Appliances have been providing homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area convenience and giving us back hours of our day. No longer do we have to trek all the way down to the river to wash our clothing. Instead of cooking around a campfire we can enjoy delicious food in a matter of minutes using our microwave. Modern appliances allow us to live our lives comfortably, offering us the ability to multitask and accomplishing all that our busy lives require of us. However, what do we do when those very appliances we have come to rely on, stop working? Do we repair or replace them ?

Ask Is it Really Broken?

When your appliance isn’t working, it is best to ask, before you consider anything else, “is my appliance truly broken?” Not all appliances that are showing an error code or not running like they used to are truly “broken.” An appliance may simply need some much deserved TLC, a faulty part needs to be replaced, or a simple adjustment could fix the issue.  

Think About Age

When your appliance stops working and you are considering whether to call the appliance repair professionals or to head to your local appliance store, first you should think about the age of your appliance. Depending on the type of appliance or the brand, your appliance should typically last a certain amount of time. For example: dishwashers and microwaves typically last about 9 years. However, dryers and kitchen range last about 13 years. If your appliance is at the end of its life, it might be a good idea to replace it. However, it still might have several years of use left. It’s always best to get the opinion of a professional.  

Consider Cost

You should also consider the cost of replacing versus repairing. In some cases, replacing your appliance is the cheapest option. However, usually, this isn’t the case. Repairing your appliance can actually save you hundreds of dollars when your appliance appears to be on the fritz. More importantly, to truly save money, you need an appliance repair tech that will address the root of the problem. Only then will repairing actually outweigh the cost of replacing.  

Be Aware of Energy Efficiency

An appliance that isn’t working like it used to won’t be quiet as energy efficient as one that is working well. However, sometimes older appliances aren’t as energy or resource efficient as their newer counterparts. If you have done some investigating and determined that your older appliance is at fault for your energy bill cost increase, it could be best to consider replacing your appliance. However, sometimes a low-cost fix can decrease your water and electric bills significantly.  

Ponder Remodeling Needs

When you are considering whether to repair or replace, you must also ponder remodeling needs. What do we mean by this? Often when you replace your old appliance, you must make some changes to your home to accommodate the needs and size of the new appliance. If you are unsure whether you should repair or replace, think about what additional costs remodeling your home would pose.  

In Conclusion

There is a time to replace and a time to repair. However, in most cases repairing your existing appliance is the most cost-effective option. If your appliance isn’t working like it used to, call Appliance Champion! Our appliance repair techs can address the root cause of the problems you are experiencing with your appliance, and can help you save money. Find out more on our website and schedule a same-day appliance repair appointment with us!