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Today, on the Appliance Champion blog, we are talking about those actions you should take to avoid washer repair. Granted you will probably not be able to avoid repairs forever simply because all things wear out eventually. However, you can prolong the life of your washer when you take care of it. As your trusted, factory-certified washer repair specialists, here is what we recommend:

Tip 1: Inspect the Hoses

The hoses that we are talking about are the water supply hoses. These can often develop abnormalities from use and abuse. Signs that your hoses need to be replaced include bulges, cracks, fraying, and leakage. Expect to replace your hoses, on average, every five years. While you’re checking the hoses, inspect the fittings to make sure that they are still airtight.

Tip 2: Move the Washer  

Make sure your washer is still in its proper place, by moving it at least four inches from the wall — this allows the water supply hoses that we just talked about to lay comfortably, instead of “kinked up,” which applies extra stress and therefore weakens them prematurely. You will also want to make sure that your washer is level. A level washer is a happy washer that will be functioning at its best for a long time to come and one that won’t damage your floors or walls on the spin cycle.

Tip 3: Clean the Lint Collector

Just like you should empty the lint tray in your dryer, so you will need to do so with your washer. As you wash your clothes, trace amounts of lint rinse off of your clothes. The lint is caught by the lint filter which is usually in the agitator tube that is the center column in top-load washers. Front-loading washer lint collectors will be right in front of the pump behind the access door.

Tip 4: Don’t Overload the Washer

Overloading your washer can put extra stress on your machine and damage it — and your clothes will not get as clean. Instead of trying to cram one large load into your washer. Break it up into smaller loads. Your washer will love you for it and so will your clean clothes.

Tip 5: Clean Your Machine

If you take care of your washer, your washer will take care of you. Another way to take care of your machine is through cleaning it regularly. It may seem counterintuitive to clean something that is responsible for cleaning our clothes. However, if you think about it, you have to periodically clean the showers of your Dallas-Fort Worth area home, so why wouldn’t you have to clean your washer. Before you clean your washer be sure to check the owner’s manual so you are giving your specific brand of washer the love that it needs. However, usually you can use two different solutions to clean it:

  • Store-bought washing machine cleaner
  • A solution of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar

Run an empty load of laundry and enjoy the benefits of a clean washer!

Stay tuned for part two to learn more about how to care for your washer. Don’t forget to call Appliance Champion for all of your washing machine repair and appliance repair needs in Grapevine, Keller, Southlake, and beyond in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.