Welcome back to Appliance Champions blog! Lately, we’ve been talking about issues you may be having with your washing machine and have been giving you possible solutions to the problems. In part one  of our blog series, we discussed what could be happening if your washer is vibrating more than is normal. In part two , we discussed what might be causing your washer to leak water. Today, we are going to talk about what might be happening if your washer is making odd noises.

My Washer is Making Weird Noises

It can feel disturbing to hear your washer making weird noises, especially if you are unsure what is causing the noise. Just because your washer is making noises doesn’t mean that it is broken. Washers will naturally make noise as they complete each load, and will usually not sound alarming. However, if you hear rumbling, gurgling, humming, or of course, the beeping of sensors, then you may want to check on your washer and possibly call the washing machine repair specialist.

Loose Change

Sometimes, the banging that you’re hearing in your washer could be the result of loose change, zippers, buttons, or other objects. The washer will most likely be okay if you accidently leave items such as change in your pockets. However, it is always best to remove loose items such as these from the washer just in case. Zippers, buttons, snaps, and other parts of your clothing will, of course, be okay to be left in the washer, but if you can remove such items that are intricate or decorative, it can help such items to stay looking beautiful and avoid an accidental chip from a trip through the washer.

Clicking Noise

If you hear a clicking noise, you may need to check your washer drain. As we said before, it is always best to remove loose items, such as change from your pockets, to avoid them making their way into your washer and causing problems later. Small items can come loose during the washing cycles and cause the washer drain to clog. As we said before, it is always best to remove embellishments and belts that do not need to do through the washer to avoid your items becoming damaged and your washer functioning poorly.

Washer Still Making Noise?

Is your washer making a different noise than those we’ve mentioned? Stay tuned for our follow up blog about what the noises of washer might be telling you. However, if you feel there is something wrong with your washer then please call Champion Appliance right away! We offer our services to the Grapevine area and do our very best to get you an appointment the day you call, because we understand how much of an inconvenience a malfunctioning washing machine can be. Call our washing machine repair specialists today to get customer-focused washing machine repair service in Grapevine.

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