We are all thankful for modern technology that allows us to have washing machines that make washing our clothes easy. Gone are the days of gathering our soiled clothing items, carrying them down to the river along with our soap and washboard, and having to manually scrub out the dirt and grime on our clothes. Having a washing machine allows  us to have more clothing options, because we don’t have to wash all of our clothing ourselves. We love our washers, until they don’t work. The inconvenience of a broken washer that isn’t getting our clothes clean or simply wont’ start is infuriating. Today, we are going to talk about what might be wrong with your washer when it seems to be malfunctioning.

My Washer Isn’t Vibrating

Having a washer that isn’t vibrating properly can be annoying for these reasons: 1) An unbalanced washer is loud and unsettling to listen to. 2) Most likely, your clothes aren’t getting “wrung out,” causing your clothes to be sopping wet and the drying process to take even longer. If you find that your washer isn’t vibrating or is off balance, there is no need panic quite yet—your washer may not need repair, but just some adjustment.

An Unbalance Load

Your washer might be rattling the floor simply because the items in your washer are clumped together on one side of the washer drum, causing the washer to be off balance. Particularly, large, bulky items such as towels and blankets can cause this problem or those clothes that easily tangle together. If your washer is rumbling and rattling, stop the washer, re-situate the items so they are evenly dispersed in the washer drum, and continue the washing cycle. For some loads, you may need to resituate the items in your washer a few times through out the washing cycle.

Washer Isn’t Level

Another reason that your washer might be misbehaving is that it isn’t sitting level. A washer that isn’t level could be the result of your washer’s feet not being secured properly or the floor under your washer is sagging. Make sure that your washers feet are firmly contacting the floor and check to see if your washer is sitting level using a contractor level. If it still isn’t, use plywood to securely prop up the washer feet that are off balance. Make sure to tighten the jam nuts so that the legs and feet of the washer won’t slip.

Washer Still Isn’t Working?

If your washer still isn’t working after you’ve made these adjustments or there seems to be other problems like strange noises, leaking water, or it just doesn’t seem to be running well, you may need to call your local washing machine repair specialist in Grapevine, Appliance Champion.

Call Appliance Champion

We have caring technicians who have years of experience and are equipped with the professional knowledge and proper tools to fix your washer. As best as we can, we try to arrive at your home for your service call the day that you call because we know how frustrating it can be to have a malfunctioning washer and we know that life doesn’t stop just because your washer did. Our washing machine technicians see you as part of our family and neighborhood and always have this in mind when we arrive at your Grapevine home. Call Appliance Champion for all our washing machine repair needs!

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