Welcome back to Appliance Champion’s blog! If you’re new to our site, thanks for stopping by. Lately, we have been discussing various issues that you may be facing with your washing machine and giving you possible solutions that can get your machine up and running before you have to call a washing machine repair specialist in Keller. Here is what we have covered in our blog series so far:

  • My Washer Isn’t Vibrating
  • My Washer is Leaking Water
  • My Washer is Making Weird Noises
  • My Washer Won’t Run

Today, we are going to cover what to do if your washer isn’t draining or spinning.

My Washer Won’t Drain or Spin

Anytime your washing machine isn’t working can be frustrating. We rely on these machines for convenience and, obviously, to get our wardrobe, whether it be big or small, clean. Gone are the days for those of us with modern working washing machines of hauling all of our clothes down to the river and using a washboard, soap, and hours of hard work to get our clothes clean. Anytime a washer isn’t working or a machine won’t drain or spin can be downright infuriating! If yours won’t drain, here are some solutions to consider before calling us.

Your Load Size

Sometimes your load size can be the culprit for a washer that won’t spin correctly. If your washer is overloaded or not loaded properly, then the washer will simply not spin. If you think this is the problem, stop your current load and either re-situate the current load or take out some items and set them aside for a future load; if you are sure that they are completely rinsed and clean, put them in after the current load for a spin cycle. In most cases, an improperly loaded washer will result in rumbling because it is off balance.

Your Pockets

Your pockets could be the reason that your washer isn’t working properly. Coins, pens, and other items often get left in the pockets of our clothes and, though they’ll normally pass through the washer without causing a problem, sometimes they can be the culprit of our present predicament. If your washer isn’t draining, a pen, errant sock, or some coins could be blocking the drain or could be caught in the pump between the basket and tub. If you can clear the blockage, do. Also, be sure to remove all items from your clothing pockets before throwing your clothes into your washer.  

The Drain Hose

The drain hose could also be the source of your current woe. If the drain hose becomes clogged with lint, hair, tissue, or other items, your washer may cease to drain. To see if this is causing the issue, remove the drain hose and then see if there seems to be anything completely blocking or even slightly obstructing the hose. If you see any residue in the hose, clean it out before returning the hose to its place. You may also want to check if the drain hose has been installed properly. The drain hose shouldn’t be any higher than 96 inches above the floor. If it is sitting too high, this may be causing your drainage problem.


Though in some cases you can never use too much soap, the amount of detergent that you use can cause your washer to drain slowly and possibly completely malfunction. Using too much detergent can also be hard on your clothes and cause them to not come out of the washer completely clean. If you’re unsure about how much detergent to use, be sure to read the back of the detergent bottle. Most will clearly tell you how much to use. Also, make sure you are getting the right kind of detergent for your washer. High-efficiency washers need high-efficiency detergent. However, a regular washer needs regular detergent.

If your washer isn’t working and you live in the Keller area, do not hesitate to call Appliance Champion! We offer washing machine repair that is completely focused on helping you have a washer that is working properly and working properly as soon as possible. It is our goal to get a washing machine repair tech to you the day you call so you can have your washer up and running as soon as possible. Call Appliance Champion today!