Not having to hand wash clothes is a modern convenience that most of us in Grapevine take full advantage of. Because of this, our washing machines get quite a bit of use and with time results in worn out parts or machines that are not functioning like they used to. Whether you use your washer everyday or once every couple weeks, having one that has quit completely or isn’t getting your clothes completely clean is incredibly frustrating. For this reason, we at Appliance Champion post maintenance tips to keep your washer running for as long as possible and discuss the signs that clearly show that you will need to be calling for washing machine repair repair. Read recent blog post below and if you are in need of washing machine repair in Grapevine, visit our website.

  1. What’s Wrong with My Washer? – Part 7

    Welcome back to Appliance Champion’s blog! Lately, we have been covering common problems that many of us run into with our washer. Our washers are a modern convenience that many of us probably would never want to do without. Who would want to go back before the age of modern appliances? Instead of throwing our dirty clothes in our washer and returning an hour later to clean clothes, you would ha…Read More

  2. What’s Wrong with My Washer? – Part 3

    Welcome back to Appliance Champions blog! Lately, we’ve been talking about issues you may be having with your washing machine and have been giving you possible solutions to the problems. In part one  of our blog series, we discussed what could be happening if your washer is vibrating more than is normal. In part two , we discussed what might be causing your washer to leak water. Today, we are g…Read More

  3. What’s Wrong with My Washer?

    We are all thankful for modern technology that allows us to have washing machines that make washing our clothes easy. Gone are the days of gathering our soiled clothing items, carrying them down to the river along with our soap and washboard, and having to manually scrub out the dirt and grime on our clothes. Having a washing machine allows  us to have more clothing options, because we don’t ha…Read More