Appliance Champion repair professionals can help get it back on track.

Kenmore is one-of-a-kind brand. In fact, that’s probably why you picked the brand for your washing machine and dryer! With its reputation for quality and excellent operation and service, it’s no wonder Kenmore products are as successful and widely-used as they are. So what happens when your trusty Kenmore washer or dryer breaks? It happens more often than you think, whether through flooding or outright refusal to run. Your first plan of action may be to panic and start researching prices for new washer or dryer. However, we have an alternative suggestion: local Kenmore washer and dryer repair services. Here’s how appliance repair may prove more beneficial in the long run.

Use a Certified Kenmore Repair Pro

At Appliance Champion, we are fully equipped to understand and meet the unique repair needs of your Kenmore washer and dryer—all without the long wait commonly associated with repair services! Our team can tackle a wide myriad of problems common in the Kenmore line of washers and dryers.

Protect Your Warranty

We believe you not only deserve access to efficient and convenient repair services but your Kenmore washer and dryer deserve full protection as well in the form of a warranty. Our Kenmore washer and dryer repair services won’t negate or conflict with your existing warranty, meaning you can rely on us anytime!

Interested in what we have to offer? Consider contacting us today! We want to help you get your Kenmore washer and dryer back in working order.