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All of us in Grapevine have grown up with the convenience of owning a washing machine. Instead of grabbing a washboard, soap, and heading down to the nearest river, we can simply toss our soiled clothes into our washer and wait for it to buzz or sing a song to alert us that it has finished. Not only has this convenience allowed us to own and wear more clothes, but having a washer has also allowed us more time. Thankfully most washers are fairly reliable. However, when they quit working, we are quickly made aware of the convenience they provide us.

How to Know If You Need Washer Repair

If you’ve never owned a washer before or simply don’t know how a washer works, you may not understand when you need to call for washer repair. In most cases, if your washer isn’t running like it used to, is making odd noises, or emitting smells, you may need washer repair or your machine may need some low-level maintenance. Below are some signs that may indicate that your Grapevine home washer is in need of professional washer repair.

Excessively Noisy

There are several reasons why your washer may be noisey. A zipper, snaps, or other metal adornments on your clothing can cause your washer to be noisy and if your clothing is clumped together and your washer is off balance, your washer may make noise. However, if you’ve adjusted your clothing and you know that a chunky zipper isn’t the cause of all the noise, then the drum or washer’s motor may be loose and you need to call the professionals.

Water Doesn’t Fill the Drum

If water doesn’t fill the drum, your washing is obviously not going to get done. The reason for this frustrating situation could be a kink in your hose, a delayed cycle selection, your filter is clogged, or your water supply isn’t turned on. If water never fills your washer’s drum, we suggest that you call your local washer repair specialists so they can address the issue quickly and get your washer back up and running.

Drum Won’t Turn

If your drum isn’t turning, then you may have a problem with your washer’s belts or with the lid switch. Both are easy fixes and if you call your washer repair specialist then we are sure that they will be able to get your washer running and washing your clothes clean in no time. Though not every issue with your washer is a quick fix, many are and are not as expensive to fix as you may assume.

Water Remains in the Drum

Though any issue with your washer is frustrating. Nothing is more frustrating than a drum that won’t drain, for not only does it make retrieving your clothes difficult, but if you can retrieve them, they are sopping wet. Often, the cause of the drum’s failure to drain is clothing has blocked the pump. However, if that still doesn’t fix the issue you may want to check the drain hose for clogs as well. If your drum still isn’t draining, then your pump may need replacement.  

Electrical Failure

At times your washer’s electrical system may be the cause of your washer’s less than stellar performance. If your washer isn’t functioning, won’t turn on, or is seeming to be dealing with another issue, there is a good chance that the wiring or electronics of your washer is in need of repair. If you think that your washer has had an electrical failure, we recommend that you do not attempt to fix it, but you call the washer repair professionals.

Error Codes

If your washer has error codes then you may be able to fix it with a quick look in your owner’s manual. However, in many cases you may want to give your local washer repair specialists a call. Often you will need special tools to clear the machine of the error code or fix the issue entirely.

Even if these don’t describe your washer, it doesn’t mean that your washer isn’t in need of repair. If something isn’t right with your washer, you may not know what is wrong with it, but you will know that something is wrong.  

Washer Repair

As we mentioned above, if your washing machine seems to not be running like it used to, then you may want to keep watch and listen for your machine may be in need of repair. You deserve to have a machine that washes your clothes well and often the difference between a washer that is functioning at it’s best and one that is a disappointment is a quick fix. Don’t put off getting your washer fixed for this reason and for the reason that unaddressed problems can create long-term, more expensive fixes in the future. When you call Appliance Champion, here is what you can expect.

  • Fast and friendly service
  • A washer that’s in tip-top condition
  • An intact manufacturer’s warranty

We at Appliance Champion strive to do all that we can to efficiently and effectively fix your washing machine and repair it in such a way that it will run for years to come. Here are some of the main brands that we service:

Don’t see your appliance brand mentioned? Contact us and ask if we offer appliance repair for your needs!

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Repair Vs. Replace

In some cases, the signs that your washer may need to be replaced are similar to those that indicate that it needs maintenance, except these issues are occurring in a more extreme manner or there is more than one issue occurring at a time. To decide if you need to repair or completely replace your washer, it is always best to contact a washer repair specialist. However, below are signs that can be tell-tale of the need for replacing your appliance.

Signs For Replacement

  • Washer doesn’t fill the drum
  • Excessive leaking
  • Excessive noise
  • It moves
  • It’s 8 years old
  • It’s an older top loading washer
  • Water efficiency

Sometimes knowing what is going on with your machine, let alone whether to repair or replace your washer, can be difficult. If you contact us at Appliance Champion, we can assure you that we will help you decide what the best decision is for you and your machine.

Why Choose Appliance Champion?

We don’t take your trust in us lightly. We offer washer repair that we hope will keep you from calling us for months and hopefully years to come. Why? We want to truly repair your machine so it gives you years more of efficient functionality. We really do care about our customers in Grapevine and so we strive to offer washer repair that adheres to the high standard that we have set for ourselves in all that we do. Below are some other reasons to choose our washer repair.   

Same-Day Appointments

We at Appliance Champion understanding that having a washer that isn’t working is a major inconvenience. Even though you may not use it everyday like other appliances, it is something that you need and have come to rely on. We will do all that is in our power to get out to your home and fix your washer the day that you contact us.

Insured, Bonded, Vetted

It’s always difficult to invite a stranger into your home, even if they have all the markings of being an upstanding citizen. We want to assure you that we only hire those who can perform the job well and are contractors that you can trust. All of our contractors are background-checked, drug-tested, and factory-certified, so you know that when you call us for washer repair, you are working with someone you can trust and will perform your service right the first time.  


You are the reason that we do what we do. As we have indicated above, we have set high-standards for ourselves and all who wear the Appliance Champion uniform. We don’t simply fix your washer and leave with your payment in hand as fast as we can. We take the time to not only help you understand the service that was performed, but to also give you tips to keep your Grapevine washer running for years to come.



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We hope that your washer is running at it’s best and cleaning your clothes well. However, if you need washer repair, we are just a call away. Contact us today to receive washer repair that you can rely on. To learn more about Appliance Champion, the services we provide to our Grapevine clients, and current coupons, visit our website.

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